Who is ZABANA?

ZABANA is for the young at heart who are eccentric, edgy and fun. 

Clothing is not only art, but a window into who you are. Showcase your unique style with our fun and funky (space inspired) designs made for everyone!

Please don't be hesitant to reach out about ANYTHING :)

We love our customers and fashion community.



Savannah Franco Headshot

Savannah Franco is a junior at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona where she is majoring in Fashion Industry’s Science and Technology with a minor in Studio Art. Her interest in fashion design started when she was a young girl, and when she was older, was able to study at Pima Community College and obtain her associates degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Fashion Design. Upon graduation, she created Zabana, her own clothing line with the intentions of bringing fashion to the young at heart who are eccentric, edgy and fun. Savannah has always believed that fashion should be fun and a creative outlet to express who you are. Her work has been featured in the Netflix series “Pet Stars”, presented to Tim Gunn at the Tucson Humanities Festival, The Poetry of Fashion, participated in numerous fashion shows and has won awards two years in a row at the Tenwest Fashion Show. Savannah aspires to continue fashion design with her personal brand, Zabana. When she is not busy with design, she’s engaging with the local art community with markets and seminars, or spending time with her friends, family and two dogs.